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I’m Tim Dobson, a political activist from Australia and a big fan of sport. The aim of this blog is to try and combine the two and cover the political aspects of sport. The name of the blog is taken from the book written about Lester Rodney, a US Communist party member who pioneered left-wing sports coverage in the U.S and helped to break the colour line in baseball. In a modest way, I wish to continue with his legacy.

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  1. Martin Malkaney permalink
    January 4, 2012 7:14 am

    Hi Tim,

    I live in New Zealand having lived earlier in Mumbai, India. I would like to point out that I am not the most articulate person and I hope to convey my thoughts meaningfully.

    Whenever I hear Tony Greg commentate I choose to mute my tele as he has a habit of just making rude comments of any visiting side. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Mike Atherton & David Gower who come across as competent neutral commentators.

    I was keen to write to him directly but I did not have his email id. The point I want to make is that Tony keeps referring to Indians as flat track bullies. I would hope that he analyzes his comments. On the one hand he speaks highly of Aussie batsmen as being the best having been brought up on bouncy wickets and how they have a remarkable record (which they held for a long time). If that were the case then how is it that these same fantastic batsmen cannot play on flat tracks. It should be a cake walk for them as they are such good players.

    Just like in tennis where there are 4 different surfaces for each open, in the same light cricket in the sub continent have flat, low bounce and turning tracks. This does give the sub continent teams an advantage when they play on these surfaces but then they are found wanting when they tour overseas to places that have lively pitches where the ball seams and has good bounce.

    You don’t hear of Indian commentators calling Aussie players bullies of their patch. Instead of ridiculing sub continent teams as flat track bullies, he should be more open to the thought that a good player should play well on any surface – flat or bouncy tracks.

    During his playing days the ICC was heavily leaning to English teams and they changed a rule to allow padding balls that pitched outside the leg stump line. This was done to negate the spin that the sub continent spinners were getting. So now when the shoe is on the other foot why does he squirm when the ICC is having to bow to the big guns. Personally I don’t agree with India’s attitude when it comes to ICC. But it will take a little time to bring things back to a properly governed ICC not pandering to heavy weights of the playing arena.

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